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Product category


Lifting up jack adjusted quickly

Product description

Mechanical jack capacity from 2.5 tons to more than 50 tons, OEM and ODM service is workable as demand.

Toe jack is widely used automobile manufacturer, machinery mover works, casting transportation works and other industry areas.

Lifting up jack with steel structure, is strong in construction with higher safety factor, is very popular in industrial areas and other mining enterprises.

Rack jack with compact design and collapsible lever offers easy operation and less maintenance.

Lower height of the toe parts, is very suitable for narrow and small area where normal jack can't reached.

Toe jack applications: heavy load lifting works, lift truck service, relocated industrial service, moving items or equipment like bridge and plant construction, emergency rescue lift after earthquake and building collapse, used during bridge and plant construction.

Regarding hydraulic toe jack price list, lifting toe jack advantages, toe jacks applications, lower toe jack pictures, please kindly feel free contact with us. Professionally service hope will get your satisfaction.

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