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Chemical Industry Using Explosion-proof

Product description


1.Thetelephone can compose independent ommunication system.
2.the way of system calling:A hundred responses to a hundreds
3.The telephone has the scheduling function
4.The telephone has the group call function (dial to call all the phones in thesystem,the called party can

find thenearest one to answer the phone)
5.Automatically convert channel:called to pick up the phone, the system canautomatically convert channel,

and cutoff the expansion horn,turn into normal conversation state.
6.The telephone can also support the 14 phone call at the same time.
7.The shell of telephone’s design is patent, waterproof, dustproof, withoutwaterproof cover, beautiful and practical.
8.The telephone circuit uses the universal double integrated circuit, with theadvantage of  hair Accuration,

clearcommunication and stable work.

9.Thedegree of protection IP65 can apply to damp, dust and corrosion and other harshenvironment.

10.Shellis made of silicon aluminum alloy die casting and the surface temperature ofantistatic spray,applicable to

avariety of harsh environment, high mechanical strength, strong shockresistance.
11Using our patent stainless steel keyboards, contact resistance≤30 ohm,service life ≥2 million,push force 160-200 grams,good hand feeling.
11The handle uses imported PC explosion-proof plastic material, thermostabilityof the PTFE wire,. The military anti-noise transmitter, clear conversation inthe 115dB environment.
13Hook adopts magnetic induction swith,life cycle ≥ 500 thousand
14The machine has 1 public channel and 6 automatic channels selection, can alsobe extended to more channels according

tocustomer needs.the machine can combine network flexibly,extensions can besetted arbitrarily,numbers can be changed

randomly.it can change at any time without restrictions since all the telephones are inone bus cable.Each unit is

relativelyindependent, failure does not affect the normal work of the whole system.Eachunit is relatively independent,

failuredoes not affect the normal work of the whole system.System has automatic gaincontrol function,the volume does

not varywith the distance and the quantity of telephones.


Explosion-proof mark

Exd[ib]ib II BT6 DIP A20 TA,T6

Defend grade


Working voltage

AC220V 50Hz

Wait\working current


Rated power



Frequency response

250~3000 Hz

Ambient temperature


Atmospheric pressure


Relative humidity


Amplify output power






Outlet thread




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