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Underground Mining LHD Loaders

Product description

XYWJD-0.75 Underground Mining LHD Loaders Introduction

 XYWJD-0.75 Underground Mining LHD Loaders adopts slewing bearing connect with rear frame to swing, so greatly reduce the failure rate.
Driving system adopts full hydraulic control to enable good agility, lower failure rate and higher efficiency.
Working system adopts the pilot hydraulic control to make operation simpler and work more efficiency.
Cable system adopts hydraulic control and excellent stability of cable pressure to ensure the normal working life.
SAHR Brake (spring applied hydraulic released)
Bucket adopts V structure and reduces shovel resistance.

XYWJD-0.75 Underground Mining LHD Loaders Parameter

Length 6060 MM
Width 1300 MM
Height 2000 MM
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