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Product category


Metal Casing PTC Heating Air Curtain 100

Product description

Heating Air Curtain Features: 

1. Electrical heating air curtain with hot air and normal air, can be used both in winter and in summer 
2. Casing made from powder-coated metal sheet 
3. With remote control function, can be installed up to 2.5 meters 
4. With reliable motor, can run 5000 consecutive hours

DimensionPower supplyCapacityAir flowWind speedNoisePackingG. WN. W
WCMH-09900*190*210220-38050/606.2850-10009                7< 55940*240*2701514.0
WCMH-101000*190*210220-38050/607.2900-10509                7< 551040*240*2701615.0
WCMH-121200*190*210220-38050/608.2980-11509                7< 581240*240*2701817.0
WCMH-151500*190*210220-24050/6010.51100-13009                7< 591540*240*27020.519.5
WCMRH-09900*190*210220-38050/606.2850-10009                7< 55940*240*2701514.0
WCMRH-101000*190*210220-38050/607.2900-10509                7< 551040*240*2701615.0
WCMRH-121200*190*210220-38050/608.2980-11509                7< 581240*240*2701817.0
WCMRH-151500*190*210220-38050/6010.51100-13009                7< 591540*240*27020.519.5

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