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Handheld weather instrument stations

Product description

weather instrument 
Easy to carry, simple to use, set a number of meteorological elements in one; movable, measuring accurate

Product introduction

Portable weather instrument  station is a easy to carry, the operation is simple, set a number of meteorological elements in the integration of portable type meteorological observation instrument. System adopts imported precision sensor and intelligent chip, can at the same time to wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity five meteorological elements accurate measurement. The built-in FLASH memory chip capacity can be stored at least a year of meteorological data; Universal USB communication interface, supporting the use of USB cable can be downloaded to a computer data, convenient for users of meteorological data to further process analysis.
This instrument can be used widely in meteorology, environmental protection, the airport, agriculture, forestry, hydrology, military, storage, scientific research, etc.

Function characteristics

"128 x 64 LCD display temperature, humidity, wind speed, air pressure value;
"Special wind scale plate (16 location) and pointer to indicate the direction of the wind real-time;
"Great capacity data storage, up storage and article 40960 of the meteorological data (data record interval in 1 ~ 240 minutes can be set up between);
"Generic USB communication interface, convenient data download;
"System in Chinese and English language can switch between;
"Just three battery-powered number 5; Low power consumption design, long time standby;
"Structure design is rational and scientific, and easy to carry.

Technical parameters

Meteorological parameters


Measuring elements

Measuring range



Wind velocity

0 - 70

0.1m / s

± (0.3 +0.03 V) m / s

Wind direction

0 - 360


1 °


± 3 °


Atmospheric temperature

-50 - 50


0.1 °C


± 0.2 °C


Relative humidity

0 - 100


0.1% RH


± 3% RH


Atmospheric pressure

450 - 1060




± 0.5%


Power supplyNo. 5 power dry (3 quarter)
storage40000 data
Size97 mm × 28 mm x 400 mm
Weightabout 0.5 Kg
 Working environment-20 °C ~ 50 °C; 5% RH ~ 95% RH
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