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Product category


Product category


SMS Device Single Port Modem M1206b USB

Product description

Product Description


Our GSM modem are mainly based on the brand new wavecom modules, the model number are as below: 
P5186 support SMS 900/1800/1900/850MHz 
P3103 support SMS 900/1800MHz 
Q2303 support SMS. 900/1800MHz 
P3203 support SMS and MMS 900/1800MHz 
Q2403 support SMS and MMS. 900/1800MHz 
Q2406 support SMS, MMS and TCP protocol. 900/1800MHz 
Q24plus support SMS, MMS, EDGE and TCP/IP. 850/900/1800/1900MHz 
CDMA module Q2358C support SMS and MMS. 800/1900MHz 
CDMA module Q2438F support SMS and MMS. 800/1900MHz 
If you are not sure which one is suitable for you, pls check your country frequency (HTTP: //maps. Mobileworldlive. COM/) or talk with me directly 
Dual-band GSM/GPRS 900/1800MHz ( Please confirm the support dual frequency and interface of your state before you buy. ) 

- Voice function call emergency telephone 
Voice Codec: Full-speed, full-speed and semi-enhanced rate (FR / EFR / HR) 
DTMF functions (DTMF) 
- Data / fax function Non-synchronous data circuit Transparent and non-transparent to the highest standards 14400 bits/s 
The third category automatically fax (Class1 and Class2) 
MNP2, V42bis 
- Short message service text and PDU peer-to-peer (MT / MO) district Broadcast 

Hardware features: 
Product performance: Dual-band GSM modem (EGSM900/1800MHz or EGSM900/1900MHz), applied to the data, fax, voice and messaging applications, has been certified by all of its design and development of the ETSI GSM Phase2 + standard (General Telephone) 
Output Power: Class4(2W@900MHz) 
Input voltage: 5V-32V 
Input current: 5mA standby, 140 mA @ 12V calls in the state GSM900MHz 
5mA standby, 100 mA @ 12V calls in the state GSM1800/1900MHz 
Product Size: 98× 54× 25mm 
Product Weight: 130g 

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