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Product category


Iron Ore Magnetic Separator

Product description

Product Description

Application of iron ore magnetic separator: 
The iron ore magnetic separator is suitable for applications that require the separation of raw materials with different magnetic rigidities. It is effective in the processing of fine, magnetic materials that have a granularity value that falls below 3mm such as hematite, tantalite, limonite, wolfram, iron ore, manganese ore, magnetite, coltan, chromium iron, ilmenite, iron ore, wolframite and tantalum-niobium, etc. 

The iron ore magnetic separator has also expanded in its application to include the purification of quartz, feldspar and nepheline. A magnetic force is combined with machine force during the separation process. The machine is fitted with iron ore magnetic separator that attract ferromagnetic materials in order to separate them from the other materials. There is a wide range of iron ore magnetic separator each with a different design, size and a proven record of high efficiency. 

The choice provides solutions to many different types of applications. All the designs of magnetic separators use a magnetic system as the main component. They are widely used in more than 20 mineral processing plants within China. 

The iron ore magnetic separator can be effectively applied for wet mineral separation tasks involving magnetite, pyrrhotine, roasted ore, limonite, etc. It is also effectively used for the removal of other types of material such as coal, non-metal items, building materials, etc.

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