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  • Main product:excavator Forklift Rock drill pump truck Crane

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Bob Sir
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Domestic large-scale construction machinery business. 10 years experience!

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Basic Infomation
Main Industry: 1、Construction machinery>Excavating machinery
2、Construction machinery>Crane
3、Construction machinery>Concrete machinery
4、Construction machinery>Concrete pump truck
5、Construction machinery>Forklift
6、Construction machinery>Rock drilling machinery
Enterprise Logo:
Company Type: 私营独资企业 Number of employees: 11 - 50 人
Business model: 生产加工,贸易公司,经销商,代理商,进出口商 Main product or Service: sell:excavator,Forklift,Rock drill,pump truck,Crane
Qualification information
Corporate representative: Registered fund: 1000 - 2000 万元
Established time : 2006 年 Place of registration:
Total Revenue: 3000 - 5000 万元 Main Markets: 中国大陆,全球
Main Customers: Annual volume of export : 0
Management system certification: Annual volume of import : 0
OEM Service: 提供 Number of research and development: 5 - 10 人
Main equipment: factory area: 1000
Quality Control: 第三方    
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